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Specializing in Screening Colonoscopy with NEW Fuse Technology
and Hemorrhoid Banding/Anorectal Disorders

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Thank you for your interest in our office. We long to develop professional relationships with each of our patients and encourage you to get to know
our staff well.

It's easy to assume that all physicians and health care facilities deliver the
same high quality medical services. In fact, many people may select a doctor simply by using their insurance directory to find a medical practice in a convenient location.

But how can you be certain you've chosen one of the best medical provider
for your GI care? At Gandhi GI, you can be confident you will receive premier medical care for all types of digestive system diseases and conditions.

I specialize in gastroenterology…

I am a board-certified: a trained medical specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal (GI) diseases.

Gastroenterologists also receive specialized training in endoscopy, a diagnostic procedure which uses a flexible, lighted tube with a built-in video camera to examine the inside of the digestive/intestinal tract.

Studies have shown that gastroenterologists perform higher quality colonoscopy screenings and other consultative services when compared to other types of physicians. Non-gastroenterologists are five times more likely to miss colorectal cancer during colonoscopy than gastroenterologists.

Experience counts….

The amount of experience your doctor has treating certain conditions is a good indicator of results. In other words, the more experience, the better the results. I have been practicing gastroenterology for over 35 years.

More is better….

Again, the more experience your doctor has performing specific procedures - such as colonoscopy - the better results. Colonoscopy is based on the operator skill and experience. I have performed more than 50,000 procedures in my lifetime and have the expertise to detect flat polyps which can change to cancer much quicker. This procedure is used to screen for colon polyps and cancer.

There has been discussion whether colonoscopy prevents cancer in the right side of the colon. The literature shows that if colonoscopy is high quality with excellent prep and meticulous attention is paid to the examination of the colon along with the expertise to detect flat polyps and remove them then colon cancer can be prevented more effectively.

The dreaded prep…

Most patients remember the prep more than the procedure itself due to the sedation given during the colonoscopy. But more than that, their memory of the dreaded liquid that makes you full and commits you to the bathroom for indefinite periods of time lingers on. I have worked hard at providing a prep for patients that is more tolerable and less stress on the body but allows the colon to be cleaned out thoroughly in order for an optimal exam to be performed. I have experimented with different types of preps and have concluded that with the combination of a low residue diet and Moviprep, if followed strictly will be successful and will allow me to perform a thorough exam.

Prompt appointments…..

As a patient with symptoms or concerns I understand that waiting for weeks or months to get an appointment is unacceptable. I am available to see urgent appointment the same day or next day I am here to relieve your anxiety and provide you with prompt appointments depending on your needs.

Direct access to me…..

Patients have direct access to me when needed. Although I give priority to the patients I am seeing in the office and during procedures, my staff is in constant contact with me and communicates the messages. All decisions are made by me and answered by me.

Caring and compassionate environment….

I believe it is important to spend time listening to each patient and try to give each patient the time they need. By providing personalized compassionate care, my hope is that between myself and the patient a trust is developed. The patient needs to feel comfortable talking about their symptoms and also understand their diagnosis. All of their questions should be answered at each visit so they can go home feeling reassured that I am providing them the best care possible for their GI and they do not have to worry. My only concern is what is best for each patient.

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